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1. I bought this book within 5 minutes of hearing about its existence. I don't even care if it's shitty (which it might very well be). I mean, come on! I think the tagline is enough to buy it! Plus, a whole 100 pages of Shatners attacking at ShatnerCon!? THIS WILL BE LOLACIOUS NO MATTER WHAT.

2. Watched third disc of Torchwood tonight. It's weird how some discs have 2 episodes and some have 3. WTF, BBC? Get your digital media act together. Anyhoo, I got to see Countrycide and The One Where We Learn More About Tosh and Also There's Lesbian Sex (I don't actually remember the name of that last one). Countrycide WAS good; thanks to everyone who told me to keep an eye out for it. Throughout the whole thing, I kept thinking DAMN someone actually took a cinematography class for this! It was cliched horror movie shots, but at least it was done right. The ending with Everything Being About Gwen made me eyeroll hard, though. I was glad for the next episode, so everything could be about Tosh for a second. Also, why is Owen such a douchebag? He's NOT attractive, and he's not pleasant, and he's not very nice. *pets Ianto* This one is well behaved. HE should be rewarded with all sorts of lady- and/or mansex.

3. I keep forgetting to tell y'all, but Dear Pretend Girlfriend keeps chugging along, and some of the entries are actually pretty funny! I know because people tell me sometimes. :3 Also, [ profile] starpanties made me a BITCHING postcard. In conclusion, go check it out if you haven't.

4. Writing is HARD. I've gotten to the point in my Brookfield story where shit needs to happen, but I feel like I'm missing something and I don't want to rush headlong into something that will need to be undone. Which is stupid; I should just man up! *glances at clock* Maybe tomorrow. NO. No, tonight. I will get some butler lovin' down on paper. TONIGHT.

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