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So my roommate stand-off. I know it's stupid and boorish and I should just be more mature about it, but for weeks I have refused to clean up after everyone but myself. The moment I'm done with a plate or a glass or a pan, I wash it and put it away. The dirty dishes from the other roommates piled up in the sink, but I ignored them and just did my own. The garbage pail overflowed, but I did not contribute to it; I put all my trash in a separate pail that was emptied daily.

When I washed a plate or pan, the detritus that was washed off went into the sink with the rest of the dirty dishes. I normally would have cleaned the drain trap after each washing, but after so many days of dirty dishes piling up, I could no longer reach the drain trap.

Now I come home, and the roommates have filled the sink with water. The dishes aren't clean. There's just a sink full of dishes and dirty water now. It's clogged. And no one's going to wash the dirty dishes because now the sink's almost overflowing.

Which means I can't wash any dishes either.

Which means I can't actually use any dishes if I want to keep to my policy of cleaning up after myself in a rigorous and self-justified manner.

Which means I'm angry that the simple act of eating hot food is impossible in the place that I live, the place I'm supposed to live until August.

AUGUST. I want to go NOW. This place is disgusting, and the new fat roommate smokes weed all the time indoors and it stinks, and the old roommate has, I think, not been paying the utility bills because I see them piling up on the table, and our landlord is constantly turning off the lights in the hall to save money. This is insane! I can't live like this. I'm an adult, with a job, and taxes, and a career. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO MICROWAVE A FUCKING BOWL OF NOODLES IF I WANT TO.


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