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OK, I wanted to plink out a note or two for a new Jooster fanfic, so I'm going to do that here. Erm, maybe if you'd rather be surprised, you should skeedaddle?

Spoilers ahoy! I mean to say. If you can, in fact, spoil something that hasn't been written yet.

I was forced to gunpoint happily took a little plot bunny from this post here. The basic gist is that Jeeves' "somewhat close friendship" with the butler from Twing is actually some hot servant-on-servant action, sprinkled with jealousy, and very likely containing some tension in the form of a love triangle of some kind.

UM I AM SO TOTALLY THERE. I haven't done any serious writing in awhile, ever since I finished Jeeves and the Club for Inverts, I guess, and this sounds right up my alley. Besides, if I can pull it off and podfic it in time for [ profile] amplificathon then I will get mad points for Jeeves/Brookfield.

Just to be clear, these notes will contain lots of stuff that will probably appear in the fic, so, you know, don't read if you'd rather not know.

Random thoughts before I begin writing:

--The fic's title is most likely going to be a horrible pun on "Metropolitan Touch" (cuz I mean come on, PG.)

--Brookfield is the butler of Rev. Heppenstall, the Rev. that Bertie wanted to bet on during the Great Sermon Handicap because of his famous sermon on "brotherly love" (oh the puns, they just keep piling up)

--After meeting Brookfield in Twing during the GSH, Jeeves continues to correspond with him, using his insider information in more than one instance to make a profit on the betting that takes place in Twing. (The second time, they go in on the bet together.)

--The GSH is probably my favorite Wodehouse story of all time. So wonderfully madcap and irreverent. It concerns me that I'll have to write a sort of sordid love affair taking place during such a lighthearted romp.

--Must remember this all takes place in the summer. Hot. Wet. Muggy. Muddy.

OK. So because Brookfield never actually appears in person in any of the stories, and is only mentioned in passing by Jeeves to Bertie, I will have to construct him Lego-like from my oh-so fecund imagination. (That was sarcastic.)

Uh, I dunno. Blond? Is that too obvious? I always make Bertie a blond. Ugh, it's too obvious. But lighter hair than Jeeves, surely. I need a first name. I can't get the name Jonathan out of my head since I played naughty fic tennis with [ profile] lawnnun. But Brookfield cannot be Jonathan. Or Jack.

Hold on. I'll find a name. *goes over to bookshelf and scans spines* Richard. Richard, Richard, Richard. (Author of I Am Legend for the curious.) Is that too weird juxtaposed with Reginald? I rather like it. Richard Brookfield. Sounds nice.

OK, Richard Brookfield, what do you look like? I think you shall be more fair-haired than Jeeves, but tanned from long walks in the country. Yes, a little rugged. Just as devoted to his profession as Jeeves, for Jeeves would never associate with an underperforming member of the servant class. Someone who's been with the Heppenstalls all his life, or at least lived in Twing all his life. A country butler, not terribly educated, not as all-knowing as Jeeves, but clever about the ways of the village. Maybe not as wordy as Jeeves.

Loose order of events:

1. Jeeves and Brookfield meet for the first time in Twing.

2. Sexy times ensue. Yeaaaaaaah. *head waggle*

3. When Jeeves goes back to London, I guess it's kind of angsty. Not because they wanna be together forever or anything, but because they've both been so lonely without male companionship for so long? Or something.

4. Oh, did I mention? Jeeves is also pining hopelessly for Bertie I think. Or maybe not! Maybe he hasn't even considered it. Maybe it's Bertie pining for him.

5. Brookfield's letters and the telegram from Bingo, and then it's back to Twing for our heroes.

6. I dunno if Jeeves would be jealous about Bingo and Brookfield. Bingo is so girl-crazy that he might not ever spark Jeeves' ire. But maybe I can make it sort of funny/sexy from Brookfield's letters. HA HA! I just thought of a hilarious line about Bingo and cockblocking; must keep it to myself for now.

7. Bertie should find out about Brookfield and Jeeves somehow. Oooooh, and he should be totes jealous, I think. Angry. A little crazy and perhaps saying things he doesn't mean.

8. I think there should be a good reason for Jeeves and Brookfield to be going to such great lengths for that winning bet. I think the money should be important for something.

9. Sod it, I never know how these things will end. I guess it's either one of two ways: happy & lollipops, with Bertie and Jeeves getting together at the end, or crappy & turds, with everything going sort of dark and ooky at the end. I'm preeeeeeetty sure it'll be happy.

10. POV. Should probably be 3rd person, yeah? I mean, Bertie won't be there for a lot of it and I don't trust Jeeves to say the truth in this sort of situation. Not even in his inner monologue. Well. Do I need him to be truthful?

I want to try out some lines.

I first made the acquaintance of Mr Richard Brookfield at the Cow & Bell, a rustic yet well-kept tavern located in the centre of Twing and the only means of entertainment in that village outside of school treats and seasonal theatrical productions.

Right-o, Jeeves. And again in 3rd.

Reginald Jeeves walked into the Cow & Bell, a rustic yet well-kept tavern located in the centre of Twing and the only means of entertainment in that village outside of school treats and seasonal theatrical productions. Its wooden tables and chairs were packed with patrons from the grubby farmer to the immaculate curate. And in one corner, sitting somewhat apart from the loud knots of darts players and tankard-wavers, sat a man dressed in a pin-neat buttling uniform.

I think it's pretty clear; 3rd came easier and I like it better for this. The 3rd will follow Jeeves, but I don't think I want him narrating the thing.

You know what though? I don't want them to meet at the pub now that I think of it. I need to ruminate on that some more.

Thoughts? Ideas?

I need to sleep! Goodnight.

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