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Open up the old iWhatnot and get cracking. )

Speaking of iTunes and listening, Audible is running a promotion where you can download a free audiobook at for a limited time. You have to sign up for membership, but you can cancel after the trial so as not to be charged. I don't know if I'll do it yet, but I know a lot of y'all enjoy books on tape, and maybe you'd like to snag one.
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OK. Someone on my flist works at a bookstore that has Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in stock already. I don't remember who it is, though!

I need this book now. NOW. The Strand said I'd have to go on a waiting list, and B&N said they wouldn't have it in until April, and Forbidden Planet said "OMG, that sounds like an awesome book. Why aren't we carrying it? It sounds awesome."

Friend o' mine who has P&P&Z in stock, please allow me to pay you lots of money in order to get a copy. Please?
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This book, to be more precise? It's truly dreadful on many levels, but it is a piece of history.

Also, the Oscar Wilde bookstore is closing very soon. :[ Niche bookstores are dying away, and that makes me sad.
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Guys! Hey guys!

I just finished reading The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer. Would you like to read it? NOW YOU CAN READ IT.

Reasons why you should want to read this book:

1. It's full of Regency-era lulz.

2. Mr Fry reads Heyer.

3. It is my personal canon that Jeeves reads Heyer.

So I'm not sure how I should run a giveaway. I am tempted to be lazy and say first person to comment wins, but that's not very sporting. How about this? Comment with your best Regency Speak. I would like to see hats doffed, breeches hitched, and all sorts of fans waved coyly. Then the winner will be not-so-objectively chosen by me (whomever makes me lol hardest, I guess? Bribery will also be cool.) and I will PM you for your address.

Uh, I guess...contest ends tomorrow night! :D YAY BOOKS.

Disclaimer: my copy is a bit dog-earred. I know, I know, I should use a sodding bookmark.
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Quirk Books has the coolest catalog of books I've ever seen.

I saw this AWESOME interactive Sherlock Holmes mystery book in a store this weekend. There are clues placed inside the book: notes, newspaper clippings, business cards, actual bits of removable clues that help you solve the crime. And the backmatter is a sealed letter telling you the answer! SQUEEEEE!

There. Is. Also. A. BATMAN VERSION.

X-mas, plz?