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First of all, I did something pretty frigging awesome this week.

Then I promptly got sick as a dog. Which stank because the Visiting Boys wanted to go do fun things, like dance and drink and carouse and generally behave in a manner befitting their Visitor status. But I really just wanted to curl up into a ball and quietly wither away. Someday I'll tell the hilarious story of what a gay bar looks like through feverish eyes.

I can't imagine how I'll live through work tomorrow on no energy. This is just not the time to get ill. Also, I feel bad for getting Tony sick too. I'm sorry, m'colleague!

Whatever! I'll just retreat into my fantasy land where I'm Mrs. Jon Stewart.

Man, I have a ton of flist to catch up on. And writing to do. Plz to be patient while I get back into teh groove?
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And I was pretty awesome at it, too.

Next week, I think I'll tackle baking. Or watch my very first presidential swearing-in ceremony. I don't know which one would be more awesome. Hmmm.
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Tony goes open-source, I write a letter, and Shayne pretends that he's going to learn how to use Blogger to shut us both up.

It's an ongoing project that the 3 of us will be contributing to. Feel free to e-mail use at awesomesuggestions[@]gmail[.]com if you have a suggestion for something awesome we should try.

Next week, Shayne makes his first post and swims with manatees, Tony does something super-secret, and I try to pronounce pree-vyet without sounding like Boris and Natasha.

Oh my god...we're like Top Gear without cars.


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