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I want to start a meme, inspired by [ profile] jane_hidell. THIS IS HOW I AM GOING TO START THIS MEME.

Pick a fandom that you participated in, perhaps in your wide-eyed youth *cough*college*cough* and share 3 of the gems of plotlines that you came up with for fanfics.

For the Smallville and Gundam Wing fandoms, I wrote the following pieces of crap: )
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If you ever need to feel superior to other fandom folks, you should mos def check out Topless Robot's Fan Fiction Friday series, where they find the worst fanfiction from fandoms big and small and then post it for everyone to gawk at. Oh, there be some awful, fucked up things here! Star Wars incest/child molestation! Care Bear slash! DBZ/Anne Frank crossover!

On the other hand, it makes one worried that one's own filth might one day to spread to the masses. O.o
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[Poll #1353654]

Also, if you're a Jooster fan and you have to choose between reading a fic and doing some laundry, I can heartily recommend you read this fic by [ profile] niektete. Just a good read.
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Last year I had a great fandom retrospective meme, but since my LJ got wiped, I can't find it. Here's a new one! Stolen from [ profile] falafel_musings, who I found by Googling "fandom meme 2008."

Fandom Meme Questions )

And now here's some more personal (and maybe less exciting) 2008 Retrospective Questions, stolen from [ profile] muhsilisk.

The things I did in 2008, and the things 2008 did to me. )

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Here's a meme. I've never started a meme before! Is this how you do it? THIS IS HOW I AM DOING IT.

Try to write all the different categories of fanfic (angst, fluff, UST, bromance...can you think of others?) in 10 words or less.

I did it. Can you? )

Plz to be joining me in haiku-like exercises?
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Russian Edition!

The lovely [ profile] sige_vic has translated Jeeves and the Uncomfortable Morning into some crazy awesome Russian version!

You're welcome, Russia. :D

Thank you, [ profile] sige_vic. This was a wonderful honor.
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Big hearty thanks to [ profile] podfic_lover and [ profile] purple_panacea who won, via Sweet Charity auction, fics from me. I garnered a whole buttload of moola! Those goodies will be delivered by November 4.

I've already received [ profile] podfic_lover's request; it'll be a sweet Jooster covering the time the boys spent on their round-the-world cruise.

EDIT: I have also received [ profile] purple_panacea's request: House/Wilson smut that might have all or some of 1) a fight, 2) mild kink, 3) a bathtub, 4) travel.

I cannot wait!
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Well, actually, you're bidding for one of two fiction pieces. But I swear I'll put ALL of me in them as a bonus.

Right now, Fiction Piece #1 is at £20.00 (yay for [ profile] hwshipper!) and #2 is at £13.39 23.44 (Yay for podfic lover!).

If you still have dreams of making me write some bizarre, dirty, filthy fantasy of yours, in any fandom that I have the capacity to play in, then by all means, bid for me at Sweet Charity.

I mean, can you really put a price on smut? Hmm? HMMM?
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There are still 2 days left to bid on me at the Sweet Charity auction. So far, Fiction Piece #1 is going for £7.94 £11.36 (Thanks, purplepanacea!) and #2 is at £3.26 £10.00 (Thanks, Jill!).

All totaled, that's about...*counts on fingers*...about $10,000 USD. Yay, economy!

I am pretty pleased with how much I'm going for. But if you wanna bid, go for it! I promise fiction to fulfill your dirty little dreams. :D
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I'm offering two fics for the Sweet Charity auction. I'd heard of this thingy before but never participated. But it's for a good cause. And I like kids. Plus, nothing builds up the LJ karma like giving shit away! It would be a good way to triumphantly return.

Anyhoo! I don't want to be the only bachelor at the auction without a lady bidding on me, so if you have some spare coin, you can bid on me and other worthy folks here. Just scroll down to the Ts for me.


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