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1. I'm going to see Eddie Izzard live tomorrow with [ profile] kitestringer!

2. You know that Vermont legalized gay marriage today, but did you know DC has decided it will recognize gay marriages from other states? It's true! A doubly gaytastic day.

3. I finally got a G1! Oh sweet mother of open source. I've been dicking around with it all night and I STILL haven't scratched the surface of what it can do. But soon I will have a whole long squee post about how awesome it is.

For now, sleep. :3
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I haz a new thingy.

It's a blog where "I" write letters to a pretend, imaginary girlfriend. Hopefully it will start building into a story that is funny, touching, and maybe even sexy? Each letter will be me describing a made-up event from our nonexistent relationship. Like "The Day We Totally Did It In a Macy's Dressing Room" or "The Day You Introduced Me To Your Folks and I Made That Awful Faux Pas."

It's just begun, but if you'd like to check it out, I hope you enjoy:

Dear Pretend Girlfriend

(Hopefully, this gets me a book deal. Schwing, lol.)
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Good news: Jane's special delivery came today! Thank you, Jane! :D
Bad news: the post office I guess couldn't fit a small paperback book into our mailbox? So I'm going to have to pick up the package? WTF, USPS? YOU ARE KEEPING ME FROM ZOMBIE WONDERS.

Other things: Man, I am sorry if my tweeting-while-writing is annoying. If it's something that needs to stop just let me know. I can't tell if it's entertaining or helpful or just plain shit.

More things: How come no amount of sleep is never enough? Night-night.
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If you would like to follow my fannish tweets, which may or may not include me live-tweeting while writing fanfic, or if you are dying to ask/request something of me and don't know if there's an appropriate forum to do that on LJ, you can feel free to do that @triedunture.

Twitter is silly, but I will use it for good, not evil. Like talking about Teh Smex scenes that are giving me the pip.
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Okay, if you don't know what YTMND is, it's an internet meme site where pictures and sounds are uploaded in a purposefully crude manner to engender lulz.

This is the best Top Gear one, because it combines video game nerdiness with Top Gear nerdiness with an addition of ridiculous drama for extra YTMND points:

Metal (Top) Gear Solid

I guess if you never played Metal Gear Solid back in the day, the joke won't make much sense to you. The game's format was this: you played Snake, a super secret spy/ass-kicker. You had radio contact with an outside team that helped you along your mission. If you died, someone would get on your radio and shout, "Snake? Are you there? Talk to me! SNAAAAAAAAKE!" And that was your Game Over screen.

With the appropriately dramatic music, you know. So I guess I just explained that joke to death. All the fun has died, and I apologize for murdering it.


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