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I was downloading something fun and exciting this evening when my Toshiba Betsy threw up the dreaded "C drive critically low on space" message. In the mad dash to delete all my temp files, dump all my stupid unused programs, and clear out my old copies of work, I found this.

I guess I was going somewhere with it and then said fuck it. It was in a file labeled "unfinished bizness." Enjoy.

Maybe I wrote it on a dare? I do hate thinking about manscaping, usually. )


Oct. 14th, 2008 09:13 pm
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That episode made me feel fuzzy and squishy on the inside. In all my organs!

And it has also given me a great idea. An idea. A good one, I think. Oh goodness, episode! You were a fanfic brought to life! :D (EDIT: IN THAT YOU MADE ME FEEL GOOD AND EXCITED ABOUT CHARACTERS GROWING AND CHANGING, NOT THAT YOU WERE A FANFIC ITSELF. GEEZ, I KNOW YOU'RE NOT THAT, EPISODE. YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE. CAN WE HUG AGAIN?)

I LOL'd multiple times! Like a hyena. The rest stop. THE REST STOP.
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Whew! Thank god for trufans. )

Here's the podfic!

A huge thank you to [ profile] hirenkoi who had this saved a a text file and allowed me to repost it. She also have saved the comments! ILU!