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Title: What Happened When Cap Joined the Team
Pairing: Cap/Iron Man friendship
Rating: Gen
Words: 4000
Summary: After he recovers from his stint in the ice, Steve doesn't actually want to be a hero anymore. Even though this Stark character keeps yelling at him about it.

Previous part here.

If you hadn't been frozen in the ice, maybe you would have been one of the men who escorted those kids to school in Mississippi. Maybe we would have been better sooner. )
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Title: What Happened When They Took Him From The Ice (Chapter 1 of the What Happened When Series)
Pairing: Cap/Iron Man friendship
Rating: Gen
Words: 1240
Summary: Part 1 of what could be a mad-long Avengers reboot. Kind of like the Marvel Adventures universe got mixed up with a slashy side of stuff? Meaning no Civil War, no Skrulls, and lots of bromance?

Oh, fuck it. Just tell the sodding story. )
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I can't even tell.

BTW, Hitler, sticking a flag on a globe doesn't actually mean you conquer that nation. Like, if that were War would be easy.

In other news, writing is hard?
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Tony Stark, why didn't you pick some other alley in which to go through withdrawal? This just seems like a poor choice on your part.

Meanwhile, that's some very specific graffiti.
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It's my Fake Birthday! Presents for all!

Aaaaaand because it's MY Fake Birthday, it's a trio of zombie themed ficlets! Enjoy.

1. Bertie and Jeeves )

2. Steve and Tony (Captain America and Iron Man) )

3. Holmes and Watson )

Happy Fake Birthday, everyone! :D
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I'd almost forgotten how awesome this was. Thor lulz!

Meanwhile, I opened up a bound copy of Mighty Thor, saw it had some adorable fight scene with Cap and Iron Man, and immediately bought it at Forbidden Planet yesterday. Only to discover Cap and Iron Man were only in it for 3 pages...



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