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Title: Jeeves and the Thorny Problem
Author and Reader: [ profile] triedunture
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Length: 2:22:14
Format: MP3
Link: here

I am sorry for the craptacular MU experience. File's too big for D:
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the amplificathon is back!

I know, it's crazy! But I think I will participate again this year. I haven't had much time to do pods, and this would be a fun way to get motivated.

Here's a list of my fics that haven't been podded yet. Let me know if there are other fics that need recording (even yours, maybe!) )

So what do you think I should record? :\
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Title: The India Special
Fandom: Top Gear
Pairing/Rating: Gen
Words: 1500
Disclaimer: This never happened. I never want it to happen. It would be awful if it actually happened (and wasn't caught on camera).
Summary: Unabashed silliness with the jungle, bandits, and Clarkson getting punched more than even he deserves.


Aren't they called hijackers or something? Or is that just for planes? Oh, cock, they're coming this way. )

EDIT: Download the podfic here.
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Whew! Thank god for trufans. )

Here's the podfic!

A huge thank you to [ profile] hirenkoi who had this saved a a text file and allowed me to repost it. She also have saved the comments! ILU!