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1. I'm going to see Eddie Izzard live tomorrow with [ profile] kitestringer!

2. You know that Vermont legalized gay marriage today, but did you know DC has decided it will recognize gay marriages from other states? It's true! A doubly gaytastic day.

3. I finally got a G1! Oh sweet mother of open source. I've been dicking around with it all night and I STILL haven't scratched the surface of what it can do. But soon I will have a whole long squee post about how awesome it is.

For now, sleep. :3
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First, LOLZ I closed this poll when the answers panned out in my favor, because I've already begun the one that won.

Now some spoilers for tonight's House and 24. )
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First of all, I did something pretty frigging awesome this week.

Then I promptly got sick as a dog. Which stank because the Visiting Boys wanted to go do fun things, like dance and drink and carouse and generally behave in a manner befitting their Visitor status. But I really just wanted to curl up into a ball and quietly wither away. Someday I'll tell the hilarious story of what a gay bar looks like through feverish eyes.

I can't imagine how I'll live through work tomorrow on no energy. This is just not the time to get ill. Also, I feel bad for getting Tony sick too. I'm sorry, m'colleague!

Whatever! I'll just retreat into my fantasy land where I'm Mrs. Jon Stewart.

Man, I have a ton of flist to catch up on. And writing to do. Plz to be patient while I get back into teh groove?
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Okay, everyone. Let's not eff this one up. Let's all pitch in and help in our communities and neighborhoods and where ever we can. It's a new era. We are all America again.
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Last year I had a great fandom retrospective meme, but since my LJ got wiped, I can't find it. Here's a new one! Stolen from [ profile] falafel_musings, who I found by Googling "fandom meme 2008."

Fandom Meme Questions )

And now here's some more personal (and maybe less exciting) 2008 Retrospective Questions, stolen from [ profile] muhsilisk.

The things I did in 2008, and the things 2008 did to me. )