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Title: The India Special
Fandom: Top Gear
Pairing/Rating: Gen
Words: 1500
Disclaimer: This never happened. I never want it to happen. It would be awful if it actually happened (and wasn't caught on camera).
Summary: Unabashed silliness with the jungle, bandits, and Clarkson getting punched more than even he deserves.


Aren't they called hijackers or something? Or is that just for planes? Oh, cock, they're coming this way. )

EDIT: Download the podfic here.
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Okay, if you don't know what YTMND is, it's an internet meme site where pictures and sounds are uploaded in a purposefully crude manner to engender lulz.

This is the best Top Gear one, because it combines video game nerdiness with Top Gear nerdiness with an addition of ridiculous drama for extra YTMND points:

Metal (Top) Gear Solid

I guess if you never played Metal Gear Solid back in the day, the joke won't make much sense to you. The game's format was this: you played Snake, a super secret spy/ass-kicker. You had radio contact with an outside team that helped you along your mission. If you died, someone would get on your radio and shout, "Snake? Are you there? Talk to me! SNAAAAAAAAKE!" And that was your Game Over screen.

With the appropriately dramatic music, you know. So I guess I just explained that joke to death. All the fun has died, and I apologize for murdering it.
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I am totally allowed to sit inside, shivering under my blankets and watching Top Gear all night. I AM ALLOWED.

Plus. Guys. Here is the FULL Vietnam episode, embedded in the cutest fucking little Asian site evar. *tickles Asian site under chin* I don't even know what your crazy puzzle pieces are about, Asian site, but way to upload the full vid! :D


EDIT: Nevermind! I got way too excited way too early. It's only a 2 minute clip that then directs to a members' site. EFF THAT. I TAKE BACK ALL MY COMPLIMENTS, ASIAN SITE. :P

NOTHER EDIT: Meanwhile, how hard would I sex up this German lady driver? PRETTY DANG HARD.


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