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First, LOLZ I closed this poll when the answers panned out in my favor, because I've already begun the one that won.

Now some spoilers for tonight's House and 24. )
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[Poll #1353654]

Also, if you're a Jooster fan and you have to choose between reading a fic and doing some laundry, I can heartily recommend you read this fic by [ profile] niektete. Just a good read.
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Is it wrong that I was inspired by James Joyce's dirty love letters? They are so frickin' dirty! But I think it would be cute to have a letter-for-letter story between Bertie and Jeeves, where Bertie is trying to coax Jeeves into writing something dirty and at first it's not working and then finally Jeeves does start writin' dirty. Or is that just wrong? I think it might be wrong.

I also want to write about hot make-out sessions in the Aston. Guh.

But I need to finish this one! Just a few more fixes and it should be fine. :\
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If you're a Bowie fan, check this download out.

I've only listened to Five Years so far, but it's pretty bitchin'.

Also, geez guys, I am sorry I haven't...produced anything of value! It's been over a week since any writing has happened (except for stupid fake-celebrity jokes on Twitter, which obviously doesn't count as writing). I need to reboot like mad.

First three comments with a prompt get a 200-ish word drabble? I'll respond with whatever comes to mind. Come on, yo. Hit me!

*dances to future!Bowie*
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Writing the feel-worst-fic of the year is not good. Why am I doing eet?

Also, it is my personal goal to have no Bertie-tears, but to have Jeeves-tears instead. WTF OOC! It's going to be crazy bad/weird?

Anyhoo, it is coming along at a fast clip. I can barely keep up. But I wish I had something more Christmassy and goodwill-towards-menish to share around this time of year. Hmmmmm.

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It's Christmas, y'all! Time to get OVAR it and get INNA it!

A list of things to do. )


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