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Though my quest to find a copy of P&P&Z ended with me begging [ profile] jane_hidell for one, I also bought some things yesterday while I was slogging around.

This is the paperback version of Marvel's The Picture of Dorian Gray adaptation. I bought it at Forbidden Planet because, come on, Wilde graphic novel?? I am so there.

There is also a hardback version with a slightly larger trim size.

The art has the heavy lines and dreamy qualities that one might associate with Toulouse-Lautrec. But I was a little disappointed in its color palate. Dreary grays, yellows, and burgundies dominate here. I suppose that, given the dark subject matter, that might be expected. But I would have rather seen it done in bright, even garish colors. To me, that's what Dorian Gray looks like in my head. But it's all a matter of personal preference. Here's an inside page to show you what I mean.

I also went to the Strand, where I also check out their second-hand W section for any Wodehouses I haven't read. I found a paperback copy of Carry On, Jeeves published by Arrow Books, which is a British house and therefore a version I'd not seen before.

Even though I already own Carry On, Jeeves as part of a larger omnibus, I had to spend the $5 on this book if only for its delightful cover art. I mean, it looks almost like an illustration I've seen fanartists do of Bertie! He just looks so...cute!

If you can't tell, the huge tome he's reading is Types of Ethical Theory. I also like the shadow of Jeeves behind him. Not only does it let me imagine Jeeves as younger and more dashing than most cover arts allow, but it lends a nice sense of whimsy.

Also, check out this slasherific copy on the back!

"One of the funniest, sharpest and most touching partnerships in English literature"? Yes, plz. The lovely blurbs from Fry and Laurie don't hurt either.

So those are my gems! *proud of them*
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