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The G1 experience has been totally great. Everything about this phone and the Android software and the available apps is easier than I expected. So many cool things to do! The best part is, as soon as you fire it up and input your Google account info, you're instantly hooked up with all your contacts and such. Simple, and yet brilliant.

The one thing I have not done yet is install a visual voicemail app, which I really really need. There is one app from some other company, but from what I gathered, it doesn't always work and it's a pain to set up. I will wait, I think, for Google Voice to open itself to everyone, not just Grand Central users. That should only be a few weeks.

Otherwise, this phone does everything I want. *huggles phone* I love him so.


Guys, [ profile] kitstringer is an awesomesauce sort of person. I had such a good time with her last night at Eddie Izzard's show. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. Giant thumbs up!


I've been thinking about how to better portion out my food, especially my lunches, which can end up being unsatisfying and unhealthy since I'm so busy. But then I looked into bento boxes and it seems like such a logical way to pack a meal. Bento is a way the Japanese pack lunches, kind of like how Indians pack lunches in those tiny tin pails. Little box, sometimes divided into sections, with a bit of rice, a bit of meat, and a bit of veggies, all colorful and neatly arranged.

The whole idea of having just a small space to fill with a set amount of food, and to make sure that there are lots of different kinds of food, seems so brilliant. I bought a little starter bento box with a sliding divider and lock-seal lid at the Japanese store near my office, and I think next week I am going to give it a shot. I'm not used to preparing food like this; that is, meals with lots of moving parts. I've always been more of a one-pot meal kind of gal. But there's something so appealing to my anal retentive side to see all the different kinds of food arranged in rows. And it might motivate me to eat a wider variety of food instead of the same thing for 5 days straight, which gets old.

Hopefully I'll have some interesting pictures of my first bento box packing attempts. Wish me luck.


I am so dead tired I think I will go to sleep now. Buenos noches.


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