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1. New, non-gooftastic looking header by [ profile] favoritedarknes! It's shiny. It's Stephen-y. It's super-duper. Also, much more upbeat. And we need more upbeatings around here.

2. The craziest part of The Great Hackz0red Saga of 2008: when I regained control of my account, I found a message from [ profile] savemoony in my LJ inbox (along with lots of other lovely messages from y'all asking WTF had happened to my journal). Earlier this year, [ profile] savemoony and I were mods at [ profile] wga_supporters during the writer's strike. It's inactive now, of course. She had been notified that I'd deleted her as a mod from the comm and, rightly so, wondered why I would do such a thing. Obviously I hadn't; my hacked journal had. I told her what had happened and reinstated her. Laughs were shared. Freaky bots, we assumed. All is well nao!

EXCEPT the next day, we were BOTH stripped of our mod powers by a third party, someone we didn't know, who shouldn't have had moddish access to the comm. Turns out THAT account, as well as another that posted weird Russian (.ru) links to the comm afterward, were also hacked. And to top off the big bowl of confusing, the comm's entries were then deleted, just like my journal had been.

The Abuse Team has deleted the compromised accounts, which appear to have been inactive anyway. Why a hacker or a bot would want control over a defunct comm is beyond me. And the weird thing is, that's not the only defunct comm I was a mod for, but it's the only one that was hacked. GAH! I guess I'm trying to say, stay safe out there in the LJ world. Backup all your stuff. You never know what might get hit.


I'm going to do some aerobic exercises, then eat food, then watch House, then--

OH that reminds me. Here's another thingy:

I discuss the pertinent issues in my new comic.

It's full of lulz.

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