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It's Christmas, y'all! Time to get OVAR it and get INNA it!

1. I also found out that NYC saw first snow yesterday via Stephen Fry's Twitter. Uh, guys, I should probably be finding out this stuff via eyeballs and fingertips! So the first order of business after I shower and get my face on is to traipse down to Central Park with the camera. I'll need pictures to remind me what slightly unfrozen NYC looks like to make it through the long winter.

2. While I'm there, I need to figure out a present for mom and a present for my good friend Shayne. I'm sure I'll find something, maybe in the Union Square market. Or the Bed-Stuy flea market that I thiiiiink is opening this week or next.

3. Here is a picture of RDJ looking fly:

4. What was I saying? Oh yes. I think I'll do lunch at Island Burger. Maybe I'll bring Janet along with me. I need to finish up this blankety Jooster fic.

5. Blankety Jooster fic is giving me mo' problems! I'm finding it very difficult to do that cozy-cold-snuggly-under-blankets-middle of the night-weirdness that always happens when you cuddle with someone in the wintertime. Do you know what I'm talking about? I kick myself harshly, because pre-hack I had a locked entry (that won't be available via G-Reader) about getting snuggly with a friend in Boston last year, and it sort of became a short story and MAN it was exactly the kind of thing I want now. But now I can't remember it! Whatever! I got tricks I can do!

I best get moving! Lots to do.

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