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Title: Jeeves and the Club for Inverts
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Rating: R for some fruity scenes
Warnings: angst, uh, the seedy sort of underbelly of gay culture? Is that a warning thing?
Length: a little over 23,000 words
Summary: Bertie goes to a rather rummy sort of club, the last place one would expect to find one's brilliant valet. What follows is more rummy stuff, lots of drinking, much too much smoking, and some other unmentionable things.


For those that might like to listen along to the songs that make an appearance in the story, you can open these into tabs and perhaps hit play when you feel like it. Don't worry, it will be very obvious when a song shows up:

Tea for Two


On with the show! First part here. )
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Title: Letter for Letter
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Rating: NC-17
Length: 4,300 words
Warnings: Epistolary fic, dirty talk (writing?)
Summary: While apart for some time, Bertie and Jeeves agree to write each other dirty letters. Inspired by James Joyce's freaky correspondence. Strangely enough, mine is not as freaky as Joyce's?

You have scarcely been gone from the Wooster HQ for twenty-four hours, but the bitter pang of longing has already settled in my chest and, indeed, was there from the moment the door closed behind you. )

Download the podfic here in mb4 form courtesy [ profile] cybel or as an mp3.
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Title: Jeeves and the Female Doubles
Pairings: Jeeves/Wooster, OFC/OFC, and a smattering of het
Rating: PG-13
Beta: the always wonderful [ profile] hwshipper
Warnings: Erm, a smattering of het? 3rd Person POV
Length: 20,900
Summary: Bertie's aunts are trying to get him hitched to a girl who is an awful lot like him. Also, Jeeves gets drunk, Claude and Eustace get blackmailed, and Seppings is on a mission to stamp out illicit liaisons.

The narrator is me! Kind of? :D )
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Some Jooster arty love for The Long Road! How lovely and wonderful. You should all go drool over it, even if it's in Russian. SLASH TRANSCENDS LANGUAGE BARRIERS.

You can see it here.
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[ profile] jackpy is taking commissions. I don't know if you knew that, but now you do. I PURCHASED ONE SUCH COMMISSION.

*cough* I asked for some good old-fashioned Jooster makin' out in the two-seater. And I also said suspenders braces. Braces everywhere! :D [ profile] jackpy obliged very nicely.

Cut for one huge beautiful picture and also a nice little addition. )

OK! Now I am going to finish this effing femmslash fic so I can allow myself to write a fic about Bertie and Jeeves making out in the back seat of the car with braces flying every which way!
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It's writing about writing about writing about... )
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Title: Coxcomb of My Heart
Rated: G
Length: 450

For [ profile] sweet_fallacy who requested a drabble that involved "In an effort to impress Jeeves, Bertie tries to expand his vocabulary with more colorful words, but gets them dreadfully wrong." Well, there were more specific ideas, too, but I'm afraid this one grabbed me; I do hope that's all right!

Soppy romance novels, written by females, you know... )
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Title: Where We're Going, Jeeves, We Don't Need a Difference Engine
Rating: G
Length: 600 words

For [ profile] willdew, who I owed a drabble and requested "Steampunk! Jeeves x Wooster as per [ profile] euclase's awesome drawing of awesomeness." (Miss Licia, I hope that's okay!)

Perhaps, sir, this would be an opportune moment to test the viability of the Time Machine. )
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Title: Jeeves and the Thorny Problem
Pairings: Bertie/OMC, Bertie/Jeeves
Rating: NC17
Warnings: dark themes, angst, hurt/comfort, voyeurism/exhibitionism, Jeeves POV
Length: 21,000 words total
Summary: Bertie starts seeing someone. And that someone is not Jeeves. Rummy circs.

The life of a valet is one of varied hours... )


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