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There is something about being able to put your phone to your ear and hear this little message from Stephen Fry that, even knowing that hundreds of thousands of people are hearing it as well, makes you imagine that he might be speaking to you, that perhaps he's called you up just to say hello, and that not everything is total shit because of it.

I haven't yet decided if that's comforting or pathetic.

Mr Fry's boos, for those not on twitter.
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Wrote a post about my feeeeeeelings. Decided to sod it.

Watched Stephen Fry: 50 Not Out instead.

I need to crash. N'night.
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Guess what I put on as soon as I got home, checked the mail, and ripped open a package like a rabid ferret on PCP?

Das right, gurls. I gots mah Fry Tee!

Giant squid. Black cab. I can now die happy.
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More chuckles than a thing that chuckles.

Can't believe I'd never heard of it. Mr Fry was just divinely douchey. It's on Netflix if you want to see it.
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It's Christmas, y'all! Time to get OVAR it and get INNA it!

A list of things to do. )
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I cried.

On the subway.

While listening to The Happy Prince.

*shakes fist at sky* DAMN YOU FRY.
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Oh goodness, I forgot to cut my entry with a modest little html. Beneath: Fryness and birthday goodies soon! )

BTW: Mr Fry is in my fair city tonight. Anyone know why? As in, is there some THING I should be watching out for?
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I swore I would never Twitter, but I want to follow Stephen Fry. I created an account, but I can't seem to add him to my Google Reader. What gives? I tried Atom and plain RSS and no dice either way.

Am I doing something terribly n00bie? ;.; Please be helping me?


I AM A GENIUS. I FIGURED IT OUT. OK, I actually just Googled the shit out of some help sites. If anyone else is dying inside because of this incompatibility issue between certain Twitter accounts and G-Reader (I could subscribe to my own but not Fry's), here's what you do:

1. Create a Twitter account and follow only the people you want feeds of (Stephen).

2. Copy the RSS URL from the button at the bottom of your /home page on Twitter.

3. Punch that into along with your Twitter name and password.

4. Voila. A URL that is technically going through FMF, so G-Reader can read it.

Only annoyances: The feed will follow you along with all your Twitter friends. For me, who only wants to follow Stephen and will never ever Twitter in a million years (okay, only twice, but that's it) this is fine.

I also tried earlier creating a public Bloglines account to do the same thing, but it wouldn't work because MAN Bloglines is some special kind of terrible. I love you, Google Reader, and I'll never let you go. *nuzzles Google products, even the lame ones*
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I'd never seen this before, and it was lovely. Apparently, Mr Fry had to buy Rowan and Hugh some time before the great Shakespeare Sketch could go on.


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